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Our post is commited to serving our veterans, the military and our communities. Below you find some recent activities and also a brief history of the VFW.  Please contact us to learn more.

VFW ChickNik a Blazing Success

4 Jan 2015  -  The Rose and Gary Fraser Memorial ChickNik was a blazing success at the Quartzsite Fire Station. We did not have a fire but Nat, our grill master, fired up the smoker and provided the best Bar-b-Que’d chicken in Quartzsite. The event raised over $1,000.00 for the Memorial Fund. The fund is dedicated to Rose and Gary Fraser, long time resident’s and active members of the Community of Quartzsite and both VFW Life Members. The fund is used to provide scholarships to applicants for training as Firefighter’s and EMT,s at AWC’s training program headed by Fire Chief Kevin Hess. To date the fund has given out 3 scholarships totaling $4,500.00. “I want to have the best trained EMT’s and Firefighters in Quartzsite so if I need them I will be confident in their abilities”, says Dennis Dole a long time resident of Quartzsite and the Quartermaster/Adjutant of VFW Post 769.

VFW Purchases Palo Verde Cafe

VFW Post 7694 Jan 2015  -  Yes, it is official, VFW Post 769 has purchased the Palo Verde Café building. They will be moving from the original location at 120 S. Palo Verde Avenue to 305 North Central Blvd by April 1, 2015. It will become the new location for the VFW which is a private club. Only members and bona-fide guests can enter. We will not be a café open to the public. Arizona Liquor Laws define the VFW as a private club and only members of the VFW, VFW Ladies Auxiliary or Men’s Auxiliary have access. The VFW also has reciprocity with any Veterans Service Organizations recognized by Congress, ie American Legion, DAV, Am Vets, Viet Nam Veterans of America, etc. We also recognize any foreign active legion members whose country fought with the United States in any conflict, ie Canadian Legion, French Legion, United Kingdom’s Legion, etc.

We will be having special events where we apply for a special event license where the public will be welcome. Our first special event is on January 10, 2015 after the High Jolly Daze Parade where the Public is welcome. We are also planning a special event for the opening of the new facility and are planning an ATV, 4 wheel drive, motorcycle run, (The Fool’s Run), for that day. More information will be put out as that day arrives. I wish to thank Judi Clark and Nathan Burnell of Horizon Community Bank for their assistance in acquiring the financing for the new facility and Mike McAndrew our Real Estate Broker for his patience and assistance in handling the purchase of the property. Mike is an Arizona and California Real Estate Broker in Blyth, California. As soon as we move the 120 S. Palo Verde Avenue property will be for sales.

We are looking forward to an outstanding 2015 in Quartzsite. If you are a Combat Veteran or the spouse of a Combat Veteran or have a combat veteran in your direct family line you are eligible to join the VFW or it Auxiliaries. For more information please call the VFW at 928-927-7697 or Dennis Dole at 928-580-1741.

Anita Carlson Receiving Donation

15 Jul 2015

Anita Carlson receiving a $250.00 donation for “Operation Hero Comfort” from Quartermaster Dennis Dole while Commander Braa get dunked.

Continued Community Service

9 Oct 2014  -  VFW Post 769 continues its support of our community by donating $800.00 to the Quartzsite Learning Center to purchase 4 new notebook computers for the school and $2000.00 to Samantha Hess so she can continue her education to become a Paramedic. The VFW will continue to help within our community as long as there is a need and funds are available. These two donations are funded by our Chick-Nik on December 6th at the Quartzsite Fire Station from noon to 4 PM and the Annual Qyuartzsite Benefit Golf tournament on February 21, 2015. Please get involved and support your local VFW so we can continue to be active in our community. Pictured Dennis Dole Quartermaster, Julie Anderson, QLC, Samantha Hess and Bob Braa, Commander.

Community Donations

1 Jul 2014  -  In addition to our scholarships we have donated $1,000.00 to the Hi Jolly cemetery for beautification. The cemetery contain the remains of over 100 veterans and is the location of your VFW Post’s Memorial Day Remebrance Ceremony. Another $1,000.00 was donated to Isaiah 58 project in an attempt for the Church to pay illegally mandated property taxes. The Church was able to pay their back taxes and has been reimbursed for their $63,000.00+ tax bill. According to Pastor Mike Hoby these funds will go along way to help needy homeless many who are veterans throughout the year. We are now in the summer and our involvement in the community has waned a bit as the temperature rises. Click HERE to see more details about how your local VFW is contributing to your community and building Quartzsite up!

VFW Post 769 Supports the Special Olympics Torch Run

21 May 2014

VFW Post 769 Supports the Special Olympics Torch Run

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The VFW was established September 29, 1899, when a small group of Spanish-America war veterans banded together to create one voice on behalf of all American veterans. Though the founders of this phenomenal organization are no longer with us, the strength and legacy they left behind has endured for the past 110 years.

VFW Post 769

Corporal Ben Scott Post 769

In 1899 the American Veterans of Foreign Service (Columbus, OH) and the National Society of the Army of the Philippines (Denver, CO) were organized to secure rights and benefits for veterans of the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Philippines War (1899-1902). These two organizations merged in 1914, creating the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. The VFW was chartered by Congress in 1936.

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